Your Completion Solution Partner

Your Completion Solution Partner

Our Service

Our multilingual property specialists will provide end-to-end completion services covering the entire property acquisition journey for your customers

MA Concierge offers a full completion solution to property developers and agencies across Asia and the United Kingdom. We are your partner of choice in providing off-the-plan project settlements and contract management services.

If you or your customers are based overseas, our multilingual property specialists will provide end-to-end completion services covering the entire property acquisition journey for your customers. So that you can save more time and focus on selling.





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Snagging & Defects




Translation Service
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Please contact us to know more about our partnership structure.   

Our Service

Completion Solution

  • 12 Months

    12 Months

    01 Completion Strategy Setup & Risk mitigation  

    • A clear idea about all the completions that will happen in 12 month-time 
    • Initial contact with the property owners 
  • 9 Months

    9 Months

    02 Dedicated project team & general convergence control  

    • Specific teams for each key development 
    • Convergence officer in control of all cases 
  • 9 Months

    9 Months

    03 Over all buyer communication 

    • From now on, regular construction updates 
    • Make sure stage payment paid in time 
    • Clear understanding of the buyer, such as cash buyer, mortage required, and other major difficulties) 
  • 7 Months

    7 Months

    04 Mortage solution 

    • Buyers work with mortgage brokers & prepare documents 
    • Submit application 
    • Start preparation for completion proof of funds 
    • Project reporting 
  • 3 Months

    3 Months

    05 Completion Preparation 

    • Work with buyers & developers’ solicitors, sometimes lenders’ solicitors 
    • CML form, comparable figures etc. Surveyor (check on appointment etc.) 
    • Mortgage offer 
    • To sign post completion service agreement 
    • Project reporting 
  • 1 Month

    1 Month

    06 Pre-completion preparation 

    • Drawn down (local searches, solicitors, lenders, developers) 
    • AML documents ready 
    • Pre-completion inspection 
    • Furniture pack booked 
    • Roll out letting advertisement 
  • Completion Day

    Completion Day

    07 Legal Completion  

    • Keys can be released after legal completion 
    • Snagging & defects 
    • Arrange furniture pack to be moved in 
    • Arrange viewings 
Real estate agent showing prospective buyers around property, panorama

Our Service

Your Property Concierge

Unlike any ordinary concierge in a property, we are a team of professionals offering bespoke post-completion asset management services to our clients, non-resident landlords who are based across the UK and Asia.

We specialise in taking care of our clients’ properties in the UK by connecting them to the best service providers including reputable local letting agencies, interior designers and contractors and beyond. Our clients can rest assured that all services will be up to their standard and satisfaction, saving time and money.

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We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, trust, and confidence with our clients.

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