Your Property Concierge

Your Property Concierge

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MA Concierge aims to be our clients’ versatile “Property Concierge” and make the hassle a thing of the past!

We understand that being an overseas landlord could be a hassle. You may find it difficult and time-consuming to work with a trustworthy letting agency due to cultural differences between the East and the West, MA Concierge aims to be our clients’ versatile “Property Concierge” and make the hassle a thing of the past!

Unlike any ordinary concierge in a property, we are a team of professionals offering bespoke post-completion asset management services to our clients, non-resident landlords who are based across the UK and Asia. We specialise in taking care of our clients’ properties in the UK by connecting them to the best service providers including reputable local letting agencies, interior designers and contractors and beyond. Our clients can rest assured that all services will be up to their standard and satisfaction, saving time and money.

We believe that our niche lies in our understanding of both Asian and British cultures and we are dedicated to go the extra mile for our clients in providing the following services: 

  • Assist landlords to appoint suitable letting agents based on the location and condition of the properties
  • Assist landlords to get quotations and arrange furniture and curtain from furniture provider
  • Property handover check and produce snagging report
  • Assist Non-UK resident landlord to apply for HMRC Exemption certificate
  • Assist Non-UK resident landlords with self-assessment for HMRC
  • Obtaining letting license application where applicable
  • Arrange or supervise repair and maintenance issues
  • Answer landlord’s queries in terms of their monthly statements, service charge payment, and bills between tenancies
  • Produce a yearly rental market report to landlords to keep them informed about market performance
  • Ensure all service providers are providing the landlord with adequate and reasonable service all the time
  • Assist the landlord to appoint a new service provider if needed
  • Other services (Translation service, mail handling service, Emergency contact)

Contact us today to enjoy a special rate at £500 per year, plus a 20% discount. A further 20% discount would be offered for each additional property.

Determined to provide a seamless solution.

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Our Service

Your Completion Solution Partner

MA Concierge offers a full completion solution to property developers and agencies across Asia and the United Kingdom. We are your partner of choice in providing off-the-plan project settlements and contract management services.

If you or your customers are based overseas, our multilingual property specialists will provide end-to-end completion services covering the entire property acquisition journey for your customers. So that you can save more time and focus on selling.

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We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, trust, and confidence with our clients.

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